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Get Back Into Shape
Quickly And Easily

Do you want to lose the extra weight that’s accumulated over the last while?

Be free to enjoy summer and wear clothes you’d like to wear, not clothes you have to wear.

Our clients have experienced amazing results with Kinesiology for Weightloss. See their testimonials.

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We use Kinesiology to:

  1. Ensure you don’t have a “Subclinical Syndrome” preventing you from losing the weight
  2. Test your metabolic rate (fast, medium or slow) as an indicator to how quickly or slowly you will lose the weight
  3. Assess which natural weight loss products will trigger your weight loss quickest so you can start losing weight in your first week
  4. Make reaching your goal weight quick and easy with assessments and support throughout the programme while you are on the high protein diet/low carb diet

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